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Who We Are?

Since 1978 we, General Ceramics, help you to attain good personal health by furnishing your lavatory, toilette, or bathroom with smooth and elegant sanitary fittings. Process begins with sourcing of raw materials from world renowned suppliers. Utmost concentration is given in the process to conserve resources, especially water. Wide range and applications designed by us for last 40 years is the base for new developments we are going to do in coming years. We maintain product quality to British standards; and maintain quality management system according to ISO 9001 requirements. Customers count on us for the quality of services, and they maintain long business relationships with us. As a responsible corporate citizen of UAE, we obey all labour rules in UAE. General Ceramics maintains due respect to all our stake holders, and maintains ethical business relationships with them.

Best Seller

Riviera Back To Wall
New Vogue Range
Rotana Close Couple

Our Range of Categories

Brian Woods

What an awesome selection of plumbing parts! I am a mechanic myself, and I love seeing all the quality items at one place. This is a guarantee for fast and effective installation.

Brian Woods

Business Coach
Natalie Jones

I am beyond grateful for the beautiful kitchen faucets and professional installation. Now, I am happy to cook at home and feel safe about using the water system! Highly recomended.

Natalie Jones

Sales Manager
Andrew Morris

I personally love how this store operates: they provide free plumbing consultations prior to placing an order and starting renovations. Thank you for the great work at my house!

Andrew Morris

PR Manager

Since 1978 we, General Ceramics, convert rocky and clay earth into smooth and elegant sanitary fittings. For this operation, we use raw materials from European countries; and European technologies. Products are confirmed to British and European standards. All our products are sold in the UK, USA, UAE, and Australian markets.

Because of this we, General Ceramics, are focusing on our designs to be functionally best with low water usage. Once installed and maintained with care, the lifetime of our products can exceed over 10 years. In case you need technical assistance, we are there to advise.

New Vogue Range

It’s designed with super luxurious appearance with simple geometries. White glaze marvels its neatness. In addition, slim seat & cover magnifies the outlook. Inherent feature is the low water usage for performance. Worth to be a user of this prestigious design!

Ecoplus Range

This curvy design resembles an artistic figure. Extra low water necessity for performing its job gives an excellent contribution to the environment. Eventually, this design leads for preserving of resources for generations.

Riviera Range

Robust and majestic looking of this design enhances your lordship. Range of selections in this family of products gives the variety you are looking for.

Rotana Range

Prominent rectangular outlook is distinguishable among the others; hence it has unique appearance. This design is very good for anyone looking for a difference in arrangements. Low water requirement for flushing is another key feature.

Laser Range

This is an ever moving design of General Ceramics most probably due to trapezoidal shaped rim of the bowl and slightly curved cistern. This design too features low water requirements for flush performances.

Europlus Range

This is a long lasting design in general Ceramics. Collection of this family has varieties for different setups.

Genova Range

Prestigious outlook gives a thump on one’s memory; and similar designs are not frequently found. It is proud to be an owner of such a unit

Maria Range

This is a slim design with blend of curves. Noticeable property is low water requirement for flushing.

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