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Quality Management System

General Ceramics has been assessed by AFNOR Certification – France, and the Quality Management System has been certified to comply with 
ISO 9001 : 2015 requirements.

Standard Specifications

The important technical aspects of sanitary ware products are covered in the most highly rated standards such as the British Standard (BS), European Standard (EN), and the Deutsche Institute Fur Normative (DIN) specifications. These specifications have been in existence for many years and have occasionally being upgraded to take account of new products or important additional requirements. However the basic requirements and needs of sanitary ware remains the same.

Sanitary ware is basically an engineered piece of Vitreous China designed for safe, clean and efficient hygienic and ablution purposes. As such:

  • It must conform to dimensional performance and design tolerances.
  • It must be properly vitreous through the unglazed body of the piece.
  • It must be properly coated with a fused vitreous glazed surface.
  • The glazed surface must be resistance to chemical attacks by acids and alkalis, stain proof, burn proof , rust proof, non fading and durable.

The technical aspects of a sanitary ware piece, which is crucial to its quality are generally specified as follows:

  • Test for water absorption.
  • Test for Crazing.
  • Tests for chemical resistance.
  • Tests for resistance to staining and burning.

Product Specifications

The company name, General Ceramics and the product names listed in the catalogue are trade mark of General Ceramics, United Arab Emirates.

The products of General Ceramics are sold under the brand name General Ceramics and customized brand names (N&C, e.t.c) for Export OEM customers. General Ceramics products are exported to over 10 different countries around the world General Ceramics always pursue a policy of continuing improvement in design and performance of its products. The right is therefore reserved to vary specifications and colour range without notice.

General Ceramics Product Quality

All ceramic & Acrylic products delivered by General Ceramics is produced of Vitreous China, Fire Clay & Acrylic materials respectively. General Ceramics sanitary ware made of vitreous china conform to BS 3402 and are manufactured according to the European specifications, as described in the relevant standards – EN31, EN32, EN35, EN36, EN14528, EN33, EN34, EN37, EN38, when applied in line with directive EN 997.

General Ceramics shall at the request of the purchaser, provides a certificate to the effect that the General Ceramics sanitary ware made are capable of passing the following tests:

  • Water absorption capacity < 0.5%
  • Firing temperature of 1200 to 1220 degrees centigrade.
  • Acid, base, hot water, stain impact, abrasion, thermal shock resistance.
  • Resistance to crazing.
  • Resistance to bending ( 500 kg/cm2)

General Ceramics Fire Clay ware conforms to BS 1206.

General Ceramics Acrylic products conform to BS 4305 are capable of passing the following tests:

  • Softening Point
  • Surface Hardness
  • Thermal Stability
  • Tensile Strength
  • Resistance to Chemicals & Stains
  • Colour Fastness

Our range of quality products, quality systems, and long experience and know-how is the guarantee of receiving our products at the quality which you expect.

General Ceramics Product Durability Guarantee

Although a direct relation between performing quality tests and consumer product life does not exist up to now, the experience (all around the world) certifies that a product that respectably conforms to BS 3402 or BS 4305 will have consumer product life for a minimum of 10 years.

This guarantee is not covered against mishandling during transportation or installation. Ceramic products are not covered against impact test. Acrylic products have a limited impact resistance stated by the standards. Maintenance precaution for our acrylic products are stated in the attached label (should be removed by the end user/final consumer) and be observed by the housekeeper.

Pre-requisites of Guarantee

General Ceramics sanitary ware and acrylic products are guaranteed as durable and reliable quality products that has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards to give the consumer years of trouble free service, provided the products are installed by a qualified plumber and correctly used in accordance with the instructions.

In case we found that any component manufactured by General Ceramics are proven to be defective in materials or workmanship on post installation, quick actions will be taken to give technical supports to satisfy customers. Pre-requisites are as follows:

  • Guarantee applies in the UAE and export markets.
  • The product shall be subjected only for normal domestic use.
  • Proof of purchase must be retained by the customer.